With many years of experience, our hair waxing expert Jaz has dedicated her career to providing hair waxing services that keep clients coming back for more. An expert listener, Jaz will complete any task a client requests swiftly and with limited amount of pain leaving customers completely satisfied.

Hair waxing is beneficial in many ways. Hair grows back slower than other methods of hair removal, taking approximately two to eight weeks to fully grow back. Moreover, as a result of the root of the hair being pulled out by waxing, the hair that will eventually grow back is softer; resulting in less painful waxing over time.

Jaz uses what is known as honey wax on all of her clients, as it is for all skin types. Honey wax is found to be the best type of wax because the redness of waxing is less apparent. Furthermore, this specific kind of wax can be used on the entire body to remove facial hair, body hair and back hair.


Arms ( Full )
$ 20.00
Full Face
$ 15.00 & up
Arms ( Half )
Full Face with Neck
$ 20.00
Bikini Line
$ 10.00 & up
Legs ( Full )
$ 30.00
$ 35.00
Legs ( Half )
$ 20.00
$ 04.00 & up
$ 05.00
$ 05.00
$ 20.00 & up
$ 05.00
Under Arms
$ 10.00
Full Body Waxing
$ 95.00
Upper Lip
$ 03.00
Side Burns
$ 05.00
$ 20.00 & up